Why not try...

Bramley cinnamon muffins Bramley cinnamon muffins
Ready in 25 mins
Chilli sausage casserole Chilli sausage casserole
Ready in 25 mins
Cinnamon Scotch pancakes Cinnamon Scotch pancakes
Ready in 26 mins
Creamy egg and leek special Creamy egg and leek special
Ready in 30 mins
Gaelic coffee Gaelic coffee
Ready in 5 mins
Onion vegetable medley Onion vegetable medley
Ready in 15 mins
Orange curd - microwave Orange curd - microwave
Ready in 24 mins
Salt grilled red mullet Salt grilled red mullet
Ready in 13 mins
Sesame seed omelette Sesame seed omelette
Ready in 7 mins
Strawberry freezer jam Strawberry freezer jam
Ready in 10 mins
Trout dippers with guacamole Trout dippers with guacamole
Ready in 17 mins
Welsh cakes Welsh cakes
Ready in 23 mins