Add Recipe

Add Recipe - Stage One

Enter the title of the recipe

Enter a basic description of the recipe to entice other Cheffy users to cook it!

Enter the number of people this recipe serves.

If the recipe is for a number of items, like biscuits, rolls or jars of jam, enter the number of biscuits or rolls that the recipe creates.

Enter the ingredients for recipe, one ingredient per line.

You can use any measurement, and any combination you like, just enter the information as you would would normally write the ingredients. For example, 1tsp flour or 1 pint milk. Cheffy will work out what you mean. You can also specify a range, for example 4-6 sausages, or 1 tsp to 1tbsp Sage. If you want to separate your ingredients, for example, by specifying some ingredients as part of a sauce, just enter the title on a single line.

When you have finished, you will get the opportunity to modify and refine your ingredient list in the next step.

Enter the method for the recipe, using a single line for each step.

You do not need to enter numbers to identify each step, Cheffy will work this out for you.

If you want to specify an oven temperature, use 190C, or 350F.

You can also specify measurements and ingredients if you wish. For example Add 1tsp of the flour, Cheffy will convert this automatically for you.